Our Mission

Mission Statement

The Guam Ethics Commission’s mandate is to uplift the public’s confidence in government employees, programs, and operations by ensuring the practice and promotion of the highest standards of ethical behavior in the government of Guam. The Ethics Commission will do this by creating outreach programs for ethics in government and ensure compliance and enforcement of ethics and lobbying laws on Guam. In order to accomplish the mission of the Guam Ethics Commission, it shall clearly inform candidates for public office, public employees, and other officials and members of the public of existing ethics laws and rules; recommend new laws, rules, and programs that will lead to ethics compliance, serve as a model for other elected and appointed officials and government employees, and faithfully adhere to its own Code of Ethics.

Our Goals and Objectives

To ensure the public’s trust in the government the Guam Ethics Commission:

  • Established an orderly procedure for filing Financial Disclosure Statements of persons covered under 4 GCA Chapter 15 § 15208.
  • Established a process to receive, hear, and investigate complaints.
  • Established a physical space along with contact information for persons wishing to obtain the assistance of the Guam Ethics Commission
  • Will render advisory opinions on requests made by employees of the Government on whether the facts and circumstances of a particular case warrant a violation of the Code of Ethics.
  • Will make available every action, opinion, or decision made by the Commission online and have a registry to indicate the compliance levels for the mandates of persons covered under this chapter of the Guam code.

What We Do


Informal Guidance on all aspects of the Guam Ethics Code, including the following:

  • Receiving or accepting gifts from private or other government agencies
  • How to file financial disclosures and gift disclosures
  • Whether a situation constitutes a conflict of interest or a violation of the Guam Ethics Code
  • What restrictions apply to Government of Guam employees after leaving their positions

Formal Guidance: The Commission can also issue formal Advisory Opinions upon request. If you are considering a formal request for guidance, please contact our office and we will guide you through the process.

Educational Training

Following the enactment of Public Law 36-25, all Government of Guam employees must attend and complete the Ethics in Government Program hosted by the Guam Ethics Commission. To schedule for training, please see our schedule for the upcoming Ethics in Government Program or call our office at (671) 969-5625, we will be more than happy to work with you.

Ensuring Compliance with Disclosure Laws

All financial disclosure statements filed by Government of Guam officials will be maintained by the Guam Ethics Commission during the term of office of the employee, and for a period of three years thereafter. These filing requirements help provide transparency and accountability in our government. The Commission ensures that Government of Guam officials comply with these laws.

Enforcing Ethics Laws

The Commission can receive and review complaints and conduct confidential investigations concerning potential violations. To view our complaint process, click this link: https://guamethics.com/report-an-ethics-complaint/ethics-complaint-process, or if you would like to file an Ethics Complaint, you may do so here: https://guamethics.com/report-an-ethics-complaint/make-a-complaint.

If you suspect a possible violation of the Guam Ethics Code, you can call us at (671) 969-5625, or email us at [email protected].